London Pride

Just wanna said, Be London Pride

Drogba dan Mata

1-0 by Drogba. Camp Nou.. we waiting for you..

We’re afraid of no-one ‘cos we’re better than them all
Arsenal West Ham Palace Tottenham and Millwall
Take a trip to SW6 and surely you’ll agree
We’re called the Pride Of London ‘cos the Chelsea are supreme

Spurs came to the Bridge one day they thought they’d done their stuff
Chelsea proved to everyone that they weren’t good enough
They went two up in a minute but they missed a penalty
Chelsea held their heads up high and won the game 4-3

We’re the boys in Royal Blue we’re called the Pride Of London
We’ll always stand for Chelsea until the day is done
We wear the Blue with honour keep the Blue Flag flying high
We’ll always follow Chelsea that’s why we’re London’s pride


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